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Global Select's Strategy & Investment Universe

The AMC Global Select is the evolution of our Mid Cap Certificate. 

The investment objective of this product is to achieve long term capital growth by investing in early projects’ tokens that are not yet listed on “mainstream” centralized exchanges and in blue chip crypto tokens.

Thanks to our FINMA regulated status, coupled with Wave‘s influence and trading volumes, we enjoy exclusive access to institutional trading platforms. This access enables us to tap into over 10 different exchanges without facing counter-party risks.

Our weekly investment committees allow us to build our investment selection. Following an in-depth analysis, our experts will hand-pick cryptocurrencies, at the earliest possible point in time, with the highest potential of becoming the next top crypto assets. Another part of the portfolio will be invested in the top 30 digital assets by market cap to ensure necessary liquidity within the actively managed certificate.

Market Performance
of our Mid Cap AMC

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Certificate's Details

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