Florian Rais 

CEO & Founder

Florian started his career with Bank Pictet in Geneva and then London where he became head of their investment management team. In 2005, he founded an investment management company focused on classic asset management as well as private equity. This lead Florian to actively participate to numerous companies' board and management teams, over various countries including Russia, US, Israel and China.

In 2017, Florian was invited to join the advisory board of a large crypto project initiated by a group of California based investors and launching in China during that year. It is during this conference that he decided to build a cryptocurrencies focused asset management offer for traditional investors. This is when Criptonite Asset Management was born. 

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Mathieu Ziaei
Analyst & Risk Officer

By way of background, Mathieu acquired his Bachelor in Business Finance in 2012. He began his career in banking and then shifted to commodity trading. Having worked in commodity trading for more than 5 years between London and Geneva, Mathieu has gained significant experience in a fast moving environment. With the growing demand for clean energy, Mathieu has been able to capitalize on the energy transition by developing new flows for battery materials by creating strategic relationships linking supply and demand for key metals in the upcoming EV revolution.

Mathieu has been involved in Cryptocurrencies since 2017 and has acquired valuable knowledge on the cryptocurrency market, and is excited for what the future holds for this revolutionary technology.

Kathleen joined the team in December 2020. Having lived in many different countries and being multi cultural, she brings different perspectives throughout her work.


Very strong-willed and driven, she joined the business development sector to keep on bringing our solutions across borders. Along with this, Kathleen also works in the digital marketing team as she has experience in the field from her previous work.

Kathleen Burkhalter
Marketing & Business Development


Elena joined the team in January 2021. Coming from an international background, she is now putting her skills and knowledge in the heart of our society.


Very motivated and determined, she is now working in the business development sector to expand our business around the globe. In addition, Elena has experience in the domain of digital marketing and brings it as a plus as she is also working in the marketing team.

Elena Berri
Marketing & Business Development


Anthony’s entrepreneurial spirit manifested itself early on, as he launched his first venture, De Roval Champagne, while still at university.


Six years later, he was managing 30 people and distributing De Roval in over 15 countries. His drive to find and create opportunities led him to different countries, developing or acquiring stakes in companies in fields as varied as olive oil distribution in Spain, real estate and hospitality in London, digital marketing and multi-brokerage in Dubaï.

Anthony is an important business partner of Criptonite since 2019, firm believer in the bright future of cryptocurrencies.


Anthony Fournier
External Advisor for UAE Market