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Strategy & Methodology Overview

The AMC on the NFF generally seeks to allocate its assets in a 70/30 split across speculative investments in NFT assets and venture investments in early-stage companies building with NFT technology. 

The Fund Manager strives to carve out an informational advantage in an inefficient, fragmented market. 

Wave seeks deep relationships with artists, developer teams, founders, entertainers, & corporate influencers as a key element to this objective 


The Fund values NFTs based on three factors: 

(1) Exclusivity/collectibility,


(2) Utility (a broad measure of value 
to the holder of the asset)

(3) The founding team’s capabilities and defined roadmap for the project being evaluated. 

Market Performance

Capture d’écran 2023-01-12 à 12.22.25.png

The NFF has come out with a strong start, outperforming ETH since inception.

We believe this comparison is relevant because ETH is the most widely used base currency for NFTs.

Certificate's Details

  • ISIN: CH1160072927

  • Currency: USD

  • Minimum Subscription: $ 100'000.-

  • Management fees: 2% (At fund level)

  • Performance Fees: 20% (At fund level)

  • Secondary market: Yearly after lock-up (See Termsheet conditions) 

  • Lock-up: 5 years

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