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Weekly Crypto Update

Crypto market tops $2 trillion for the first time in nearly 3 months as bitcoin rallies over the weekend. Other coins such as Cardano and dogecoin jumped as well.

A few major corporations are looking to hire cryptocurrency experts, such as WallMart who is seeking to hire someone to “own and drive the digital currency strategy”

Lloyds Banking Group, the British parent company of Lloyds Bank, is currently hiring a “digital currency and innovation senior manager,” This paints a encouraging picture for the future and shows the importance of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the near future.

Microsoft to use Ethereum blockchain.

The Windows operating system plans to use the Ethereum blockchain in its fight against digital piracy. In a recent white paper released by Microsoft the company describes an incentive system to strengthen anti-piracy campaigns based on Ethereum called Argus.

The document describes a tool leveraging the blockchain to provide a trust less system that allows piracy reporters to remain anonymous while still operating in a transparent system. The system was developed with the participation of researchers from Alibaba and Carnegie Mellon University and purportedly overcomes "a set of unavoidable obstacles to ensure security despite full transparency.”

Argus would enable the back tracing of pirated content to the source, thanks to a corresponding watermark algorithm.

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