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Report: London Offers Booming Job Market for Crypto

A recent report claims that London has become a hotspot for job offerings in the crypto industry.

According to a report by City A.M., the United Kingdom is gaining on the United States in the number of crypto job vacancies being posted.

The report claims crypto job hunting in the US currently stands at 3,893, with 954 job openings being offered in the UK. Canada ranks at a distant third place on the list, offering 386 current vacancies for crypto jobs.

Of the UK’s 954 crypto-based jobs, the vast majority are available in London, with the borough of Greenford in Ealing providing the most employment opportunities.

Citing data from jobs website Glassdoor, the report claims Leeds, Bristol, Cambridge, Glasgow, Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester are also thriving places to find crypto-based work, in addition to the hotspot of London.

The report notes the top five job functions in-demand for crypto listings involve engineering, project management, information technology, marketing, and financing and accounting.

Jeff Hancock, co-founder and CEO of Coinpass, said that London’s emergence as a crypto job hub has been years in the making:

"London has always been a tech and finance capital of the world for commerce, trading, finance, fund-raising and now crypto and digital assets."

Hancock also mentioned that top quality applicants for financing jobs have been “pouring” out of traditional banks and hedge funds, instead turning to the rapidly growing industry of crypto.

He claimed to be “overwhelmed,” by the talent available for hire at Coinpass, saying the company was also leveraging its global access.

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