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Forecast October 2021

This market forecast is for our Actively Managed Certificates: Criptonite Next Gems and Criptonite Mid-Cap

Next Gems' investment universe includes the largest 15 crypto tokens. It’s a swing trade strategy based on Elliot waves principle.

Mid Cap's investment universe includes the largest 500 crypto tokens and is focused on fundamental analysis of crypto currencies and blockchain innovation themes.

Asset allocation can move into cash when downside risk prevails; only few cryptos are selected depending on their momentum, these are not fixed set baskets nor trackers.

" As mentioned in our previous weekly report, we have changed the overall structure of our count in the monthly view. We now propose that the November 2013-January 2021 correction is the main connector between the first cycle from inception to November 2013 high and current cycle from January 2015 low. Within this cycle, the first leg completed at December 2017 high in a 3 waves structure. From there, we saw a 3 waves correction down to December 2018 low before trend resumed. In the current cycle from 3,148.33, we propose that the first leg ended in April 2021 high at 64,840.36 and that correction is already completed at 29,336.54 low dated July 2021.

So, we now expect a confirmation of this view with a break above 64,840.36 to open the door for the first leg of the third and final leg high that would end the super grand cycle since inception. Targets to the upside can be calculated in log scale but we would be cautious with those numbers as we need to monitor the structures to the upside and adjust accordingly. However, our current projection indicates a conservative 250,000 to an extended 600,000 in coming months following the July 2013 pattern.

So, for October 2021, we now expect an acceleration to the upside towards the 90,000 mark. On the contrary, a break below 29,336.54 would delay the trend resumption until the end of the year to possibly reach 23,000 before higher. "

Find here attached, our September's monthly fact sheets.

Fact Sheet NG 30.09.21_compressed
Download PDF • 119KB

Fact Sheet MC 30.09.21_compressed
Download PDF • 120KB

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