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Sony Network Communications and Astar Network’s Joint Web3 Incubation Program Demo Day Set for June

Astar Network, the smart contract platform for multichain, is thrilled to announce that the Web3 Incubation Program it’s co-hosting with Sony Network Communications, Inc., an operating company of the Sony Group, and Startale Labs Pte Ltd will culminate with a Demo Day on June 18, 2023. The Demo Day has also been registered as a “Japan Blockchain Week Official Event.”

It will be a hybrid event, hosted in-person at an offline venue and online in the Metaverse, and will bring together participants from all over the world. Signifying the culmination of the program, the Demo Day will feature pitch sessions from each project to showcase their innovations to venture capitalists and large corporations interested in collaborating with Web3 startups, and there will also be presentations about the status, achievements, and future outlook of the Web3 Incubation Program itself.

In addition, there will be a networking session where participants will have the opportunity to interact with the program candidates.

Event summary:

  • Date & Time: June 18, 2023 (Sunday), 13:00-18:00

  • Organizers: Sony Network Communications, Startale Labs Pte Ltd

  • Participation fee: Free

  • Language: English *All sessions are presented in English

  • Tickets: Anyone keen to attend the event can register by filling out the form here

As part of the organizers’ efforts to allow participants to experience each project's technology first-hand, offline attendees will receive an NFT issued by Lemonade. This NFT will be a special SoulBound Token (SBT) to commemorate the event, and is non-transferable. The venue will be announced to all participants by email. Due to an exceptionally high demand, event passes will be issued via lottery rather than on a first-come first-served basis.

Online participants will receive an NFT pass issued by Snickerdoodle Labs to attend Demo Day staged in the COSMIZE Metaverse, who will also be showcasing their technology as candidates of the Web3 incubation program. Event organizers will distribute NFT passes issued by Snickerdoodle Labs.

For this Incubation Program, Web3 startups from around the world were invited to participate, irrespective of the phase of their development. After Sony Network Communications and Astar considered the suitability of each of the startups in terms of their technology, team, and product appeal, 19 projects out of over 200 applications were carefully selected to become part of the incubation program.

Astar Network founder Sota Watanabe commented, “These top teams launched on Astar are ready to build Web3 solutions with Sony Network Communications.

Demo Day will be the space for passionate groups to connect in Japan and grow their Web3 vision.”

Throughout the program, participants benefit from the learning sessions led by global venture capitalists and successful Web3 companies, business and technology development strategies through mentoring, and access Sony Network Communications' extensive resources for collaboration and support. There will also be opportunities to interact directly with the program candidates, both online and offline.


The first native metaverse on the Astar. Building a web-based app that allows users to experience the Web3 metaverse with a single click. Using their favorite avatars, they can enjoy various events, room decorations, token experiences, and more.

About Lemonade

Lemonade is a full-stack multichain platform designed for creators and brands. With Lemonade, you can quickly create your own Lemonade stand (web3 webapp) and take advantage of a range of features, such as immersive events with NFT ticketing, POAPs, and token gated commerce, as well as creating collectibles across 15 blockchains. Additionally, you can co-create events and NFTs with other creators, and split sales and royalties from collectibles and NFT tickets.

About Snickerdoodle Labs

Snickerdoodle is a data exchange where people can securely aggregate their web2 and web3 data (think: searches, purchases) and lease it anonymously to brands in accordance with the strictest privacy and compliance standards. At the demo day, Snickerdoodle will demo their Marketing Platform, launch NFTs on Astar and view data of demo day participants.

About Startale Labs 


Startale Labs is a web3 tech company developing multichain applications and infrastructure. We also conduct R&D and incubation activities based on the experience and connections developed in coordination with Astar Network. In addition, a subsidiary, Startale Labs Japan, was established on January 31st 2023 to provide web3 business development and strategic consulting services to corporate enterprises and governments, leveraging the strengths of Japan’s most widely-recognized public blockchain.

About Astar Network

Astar is Japan’s most popular smart contract platform, supporting both EVM and WebAssembly (Wasm) environments, and interoperability between them using a Cross-Virtual Machine. Astar Network is friendly to all kinds of developers, and tools and languages they already know. Backed by the shared security of Polkadot, Astar shines brilliantly on its own within a vibrant and healthy ecosystem, and is a leading star in the blockchain industry overall, driving international corporate adoption, and consumer interest in web3 technologies.

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