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MetaMask Allows Users to Buy Cryptocurrencies Using Bank Transfers

MetaMask has added an additional feature to its popular wallet. Users in the United States will now be able to buy virtual currencies using their bank accounts. This has been made possible thanks to a recent integration between MetaMask and ACH. Therefore, MetaMask continues to deliver unique solutions to users that want to have access to digital currencies.

MetaMask Supports Purchases from U.S. Bank Accounts

MetaMask users in the United States will now be able to get access to crypto purchases through their wallets using their bank accounts. Sardine, a platform that offers ACH solutions, confirmed that they were not foxing around. On Twitter, Sardine shared a Tweet in which they informed that they are now making payments faster and safer for MetaMask users.

This will make it easier for U.S. users to purchase their favourite virtual currencies without having to go through a centralized crypto exchange. Therefore, it will make the whole process much faster and easier for newcomers to the crypto industry.

The process is quite simple. You will be able to select the payment method, for example, an instant bank transfer. These payments are instant and have the highest buy limit. Then you will have to select the cryptocurrency from the list of available tokens on the Ethereum network. Before confirming the amount and sending the payment, you will have to enter your phone number.

The funds will then be reflected in your MetaMask account in just a few seconds. That’s the whole process and how you can easily purchase digital currencies on your MetaMask using bank transfers with Sardine.

Over the last few years, we have seen different cryptocurrency exchanges adding support to a wide variety of payment methods in order for users to be able to purchase virtual currencies. Nevertheless, it became much faster and simpler to buy virtual currencies using crypto wallets. These wallets let you hold your virtual currencies without having to store them in third-party platforms that keep custody of your coins.

Cryptocurrency wallets are the best ways for investors and crypto holders to keep and store their digital currencies, especially for long-term holders. The best way is to always use cold-storage wallets such as Trezor, ColdCard, or Ledger. In this way, you make sure that your funds are stored outside the reach of hackers and that nobody would be able to get access to them more than you.

Bank transfers and easier payment methods would only be helpful for users that want to purchase virtual currencies in the future. Bear trends are usually the best moments for companies and crypto projects to build and offer new solutions, especially when the services they develop are fiat on-ramp features. During the next bull run, it would be easier for investors to get access to digital currencies without having to rely on a centralized crypto exchange. Nevertheless, the solution offered by Sardine is not extremely private as you have to provide bank account information, wallet addresses, and a phone number linked to you.

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