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Grayscale Adds LUNA, AVAX and MATIC to Consideration List: Details

One of the leading investment companies in the digital assets industry, Grayscale, has announced a list of considerations that includes coins and tokens like AVAX, LUNA, MATIC and others.

As the company's page suggests, the created list includes assets that are not currently being held by Grayscale or not presented as investment products but at the same time are interesting for the company in terms of further exploration.

Listed coins and tokens could be considered candidates for inclusion in investment products that might be released in the future. At the same time, some assets might not be included on the list and be listed in Grayscale's family of products later.

As the informational page suggests, the process of adding a financial asset to the family of an investment company's products is a complex and fundamental process that requires further review and consideration. In addition, the company mentions that assets on the list will not necessarily turn into an actual investment product like Grayscale Bitcoin Fund.

Additionally, Grayscale mentions that some products might not receive standalone funds for providing exposure. Some of those assets may end up in products similar to Grayscale's Digital Large Cap Fund.

Grayscale "gives out" Bitcoin with a 30% discount

Following the major Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market sell-off, Grayscale Bitcoin Fund's premium has reached an all-time low that led to its Bitcoin shares being sold at almost a 30% discount.

Theoretically, investors could receive exposure to Bitcoin with a significant discount compared to using the spot market for the same reason. As famous Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff noted, investors are not willing to "buy Bitcoin" even for $0.75 per $1.


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