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Google Cloud to Become Validator on Tezos Network

Google's cloud computing operator is to become a validator on the Tezos network.

Google Cloud's corporate customers will be able to deploy Tezos nodes – a type of computer that runs a blockchain’s software to validate and store the history of transactions – in order to build Web3 applications on the network.

The integration with Tezos marks Google Cloud's latest integration with a blockchain network, the platform having begun running a node-hosting service for Ethereum projects in October, then shortly thereafter becoming a validator on Solana.

Such integrations demonstrate the interest that tech giants are taking in blockchain and Web3 projects. They may also inspire confidence in other firms interested in moving into the industry, knowing they can do so using infrastructure with the scale and resilience provided by firms like Google.

Google Cloud has previously pointed out the relationship between hacked accounts by malicious actors to mine cryptocurrency, suggesting the firm is attuned to the specific security risks present in the digital asset industry.

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