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Next Gems' Forecast April 2021

This market forecast is for our Actively Managed Certificate: CRIptonite Next Gems.

This product‘s investment universe includes the largest 15 crypto tokens. It’s a swing trade strategy based on Elliot waves principle.

Asset allocation can move into cash when downside risk prevails; only few cryptos are selected depending on their momentum, this is not a fixed set basket nor a tracker.

" Despite Bitcoin breaking higher from its 08/01/2021 high, we were seeing this move as corrective. March 2021 saw the same principle as a replay of March 2017. So, our view has not changed but we can now call the correction that ended on 25/03/2021 at 50,427.56 low as an ascending expanded triangle.

This month, we would like to see a continuation higher above 50,427.56 towards a conservative target of 82,552.56 or a more aggressive one at 102,446.56.

Failure to hold 50,427.56 would result in a larger correction that we will then re assess when we have more data.

We'll keep on holding our long swing position from an average position of 43,200ish alongside with ETH from 1,625.00. We will continue to buy weakness in other assets as long as our 25/03/2021 pivot holds in our system. "

Find here attached, our March's monthly fact sheet.

Monthly- Fact Sheet March
Download PDF • 2.45MB

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