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Criptonite Asset Management SA is now FINMA regulated!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We are extremely thrilled to announce that Criptonite Asset Management SA is now regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Following the new legal requirements of the Federal Act on Financial Institutions, we applied for a license to act as a regulated portfolio manager with a specific focus on digital assets. We are thankful to Borel & Barbey, lawyers, who handled this process to its successful outcome.

To specialize on this fascinating new asset class, we brought together traditional banking experience in wealth management and a unique technical skill set.

In addition, SEC regulated Wave Financial and Criptonite are joining forces, to expand Criptonite's team and investment solutions that will answer the growing interest of qualified investors into cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

“Wave officially joining forces with Criptonite couldn’t come at a better time. Everyone has witnessed this year sharp fall of markets and the subsequent bankruptcies such as Celsius or Voyager Digital that have shaken a still nascent investors’ confidence into cryptocurrencies. But as we have seen in the past many times over, such events are eventually positive for the long-term evolution of this asset class. Unsustainable business models cannot survive and must clear the way for truly disruptive innovation to come to light.

We are today at a turning point. The collapse of several such models has happened, regulation is underway (and is a clear positive), bridges between crypto and fiat currencies have multiplied and institutional acceptance, whilst still timid, is coming this way.

By joining forces with a regulated company such as Wave Financial, bringing their wealth of knowledge, products, and phenomenal ecosystem, we strengthen our expertise in digital assets. We strongly believe that a new era of investing into cryptocurrencies is emerging right before our eyes, and we truly believe that together we are part of the solution.”

- Florian Rais, CEO of Criptonite Asset Management

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