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91% of Salvadorans Approve the Reign of BTC-Loving President Bukele (Survey)

A survey carried out by one of the leading daily newspapers in El Salvador – La Prensa Grafica – determined that President Nayib Bukele has the support of 91% of the locals.

The media outlet is known as an opposition to the ongoing political regime in the Central American country, prompting the leader to doubt that the figure might be even higher.

Bukele’s Record Approval Rate

El Salvador’s President, who took the helm in June 2019, enjoys one of the highest approval ratings globally. Previous data showed that approximately 85% of Salvadorans were satisfied with his rule, while the most recent study conducted by La Prensa Grafica estimated that the figure has surged to 91%. Less than 7% disapproved, while 2.1% did not respond to the question.

The people most satisfied with Bukele’s administration are mainly younger generations and individuals with middle economic status.

According to the survey participants, some of his best achievements over the past years include handling the COVID-19 pandemic, improving the health sector, building the country’s highway infrastructure, and enforcing reforms in education.

Bukele shared the results on Twitter, suggesting the actual figures could be even higher since La Prensa Grafica has previously criticized his policies.

To broad society, the 41-year-old leader is known as a keen proponent of bitcoin, with the local government launching numerous initiatives focused on the primary cryptocurrency lately. The most eminent example was the adoption of BTC as a legal tender inside El Salvador’s borders, which became official in September 2021.

However, many Salvadorans seem to be against the strategy, describing it as one of the biggest failures of Bukele’s cabinet. The respondents stated that the price increase of goods and services and unemployment are other issues that the authorities need to fix.

Salvadorans Should See the Other Side of the Coin

Despite being proclaimed as a fiasco by some Salvadorans, there are certain benefits that should be considered as well.

For one, the small nation became highly popular and boosted its tourism industry. El Salvador’s Minister of Tourism – Morena Valdez – said last year that the sector had been up over 30% in the first months after the bitcoin adoption:

“We did a poll to check the activity according to the before and after of bitcoin. The tourism sector increased in November and December. This increased by more than 30%.”

President Bukele recently revealed that the country has become even more attractive to travelers, boosting tourism by 95%. He claimed that the multiple bitcoin forays introduced by El Salvador are one factor behind the surge.

Bukele also stated that opening arms towards BTC has fixed the nation’s legacy. Prior to that, it was notorious for being among the most violent countries in the world, reaching a peak of 103 killings per 100,000 residents a few years ago.

Subsequently, the President said El Salvador has received “a lot of private investments” since hopping on the bitcoin bandwagon.

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