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80% of institutional investors expect crypto to overtake traditional investments in 10 years

As the adoption of cryptocurrencies intensifies and digital assets become increasingly more accepted by organizations and corporations, a recent study has found that investors, both retail and institutional, are very bullish on the future of the market.

In fact, 80% of institutional investors have said they believe that crypto as an asset class will overtake traditional investment vehicles in the next decade, according to the first Crypto Pulse survey by crypto exchange Bitstamp, the summary of which was published on April 26.

On the other hand, a much lower percentage of everyday investors has expressed the same belief about digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) overtaking traditional investment assets, although still a majority 54%.

That said, 71% of investment respondents have said they trusted crypto as an asset class, as opposed to 65% of retail investors.

Sixty-seven percent of retail respondents said they believed crypto was a trustworthy investment, compared to 11% who said it was untrustworthy.

Furthermore, 88% of institutional investors and 75% of retail investors are firm believers that crypto would witness universal and mainstream adoption within this time frame, the survey has found.

Crypto racing toward mainstream adoption

It’s worth mentioning that on April 4, Finbold reported on a global study that highlighted 2021 as a breakout year for crypto as it was the year when the majority of respondents entered the space.

Interestingly, this study correlates with Bitstamp’s survey which identified the adoption of cryptocurrencies as taking place at an “unprecedented rate.”

Indeed, Julian Sawyer, the CEO of Bitstamp, commented on the survey’s findings, saying that:

“The adoption of crypto and other digital assets is advancing at an unprecedented rate. In the last few years, cryptocurrencies have moved from the outskirts of the financial ecosystem to find themselves front and center of mainstream investing, with many of the largest trading venues in the world now catering to both retail and institutional crypto needs.”

Finally, as Sawyer explained:

“We’ve seen interest propel in the years since the pandemic, and crypto is now part of the wider conversation in global macro-economic matters. Our survey shows something we have advocated over a long time: talking about survival of digital assets is firmly over — the question is now about evolution.”

The survey included 28,563 people from 23 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. Among them, 5,450 were senior institutional investment strategy decision-makers, while 23,113 were retail investors. The full report on the findings is expected in the coming days.

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