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50% of global financial transactions might involve Ethereum in 10 years, hedge fund says

Joey Krug, co-chief investment officer of cryptocurrency-centered hedge fund Pantera Capital has said Ethereum has prospects of becoming an integral player in the global financial system.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Krug projected that over 50% of all financial sector transactions might involve Ethereum citing the assets underlying technology.

He stated that despite Ethereum facing competition, the platform’s position might go unchallenged, citing aspects like minimal trade-offs.

“There’s too many trade-offs other chains are making that Ethereum is not making on the decentralization side that are pretty important. <…> If you roll the clock forward 10 to 20 years, a very sizable percent, maybe even north of 50%, of the world’s financial transactions in some way, shape or form will touch Ethereum,” Krug said.

According to Krug, before Ethereum achieves the milestone and shakes off competition, the ongoing network development will play a key role.

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