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Strategy & Methodology Overview

The investment objective of the Criptonite Metaverse Real Estate AMC is to exclusively purchase and trade NFTs in relation to the real estate in the Metaverse. This includes lands, houses and any items around these topics. The strategy will capitalize on long term trends within the Metaverse in which established brands, artists and other organizations acknowledge for the greater visibility and impact they can create.

These trends will be analysed carefully and be used as a conductor line for the strategy manager to invest in the NFTs that have the most potential in generating increased value over time.

Investment Guidelines

  • The allocation is focused on the purchase and trade of NFTs in relation to Metaverse real estate and collectibles spaces.

  • Investments will be made using an analytical approach including analysis based on the rarity of traits, with a focus on value drivers such as unique content and scarcity in properties.

AMC Details

  • ISIN: CH1160072877

  • Currency: Euro

  • Minimum Subscription: 10 units

  • Management Fees: 2%

  • Custody Fee: 0.85%

  • Hurdle rate: 0%

  • Performance Fees:  20%

  • Secondary Market:  Bid Offer 1% spread

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